Richard Jones

Teacher of Mathematics

I am an experienced Maths teacher, having taught in secondary schools for 20 years. Despite being sought after by schools, instead of continuing in the classroom I have decided to put my teaching for the entire GCSE course (Foundation and Higher) online for the benefit of private students. Each video is accompanied by a dynamic question giving you unlimited practice of the concept explained in the video. See below for details of all the other features provided by this website. My aim is to provide high quality Mathematics tuition for a fraction of the normal cost.

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3-month subscription: £2

First 20 videos and dynamic questions – Foundation Tier

The first 20 videos will be released in March. After that, new videos will continue to be added until every GCSE topic has been comprehensively covered. You will have access to all the videos regardless of what was available when your subscription was purchased. The subscription price will reflect the amount of content available at the time.

- Videos cover key topics as well as problem solving and exam-style questions. They provide very

   clear explanations from an experienced Maths teacher and are attractive and engaging. Visual

   elements are provided to aid "whole brain" learning.

- Each video is accompanied by a dynamic question so that you can test your understanding and

   practise the concepts explained in the video. Questions can be answered as many times as you

   like and without watching the video.

- Full worked solutions are provided each time you get a question wrong. You can also view the

   worked solutions without answering the question.

- Watch videos at your own pace by pausing them and studying the on-screen notes, examples

   and diagrams.

- Track your progress and see which questions need more practice with your Progress Chart.

- Once you have turned a question Green on your Progress Chart you will be prompted to answer

   it five more times at set intervals so that you do not forget how to do it. Give correct answers

   each time to achieve Mastery of the question.

- Targets are set for you each week based on your Target Grade, Progress Chart and when you are

   taking the exam.

- You can ignore the weekly targets if you wish and just work independently. The videos in each

   section are arranged by topic in a logical order as well as by tier of entry. You can also use the       dynamic questions to help decide which videos you need to watch.

- Summaries of the key points of each video can be downloaded, printed and kept. These can

   also be used to help you decide which videos you need to watch.

- Contact me via live chat if there is anything you do not understand which you are unable to

   find the answer to on the website (75p per message).

- Your Website Usage Rating (1 star to 5 stars) tells you how effectively you are using the website.

- View comprehensive usage statistics, both overall and for the previous week.

- Create up to two additional users free of charge to enable progress tracking for other students

   in the same household.

- This website effectively gives you private tuition with an experienced Maths teacher for a

   fraction of the cost.

To create an account you just need to provide your name, your email address and the name of the student. You will then be prompted to pay using PayPal.

Your subscription allows progress tracking and target setting for up to three different users at any one time. However, you can only be logged in to the website on one computer at a time. A second subscription would be needed to allow two students to work on different computers at the same time.

The student will be asked to provide their tier of entry, target grade and when they are taking the exam (year and whether in the winter or the summer). This is to enable the student's Progress Chart to show appropriate learning objectives and so that suitable targets can be set. Five targets are set each week. Tier of entry, target grade and exam time can be changed at any time if necessary, and do not restrict access to any of the material on the website.

Most videos are between 5 and 10 minutes long and explain one learning objective. Every video is accompanied by a dynamic question which gives practice at and tests understanding of that objective. Each question is represented by a square on the Progress Chart. Green squares show questions the student can do. This is usually achieved by giving either five or three correct answers in a row, depending on how long there is until the exam. Once a square has turned green the aim then is to achieve mastery of that question, which takes a minimum of 10 weeks. Every two weeks after the square has turned green it will turn blue. This means that it needs to be answered. Five correct answers in a row to a question when it is shown in blue on the Progress Chart will make the square turn dark green, which indicates mastery of that question. Mastery can only be achieved by giving correct answers over time, which is what leads to permanent, secure learning. Once a square has turned green it will never go back to orange or red, so it can be practised at any time without penalty for incorrect answers. Similarly, once it has turned dark green it will never change colour. Unless it is dark green each square on the Progress chart contains a number. This shows the number of correct answers in a row required to turn the square green. If the square is green then the number shows how many weeks it will take to achieve mastery. 

The time up to the final exam is divided into four phases. Phase 1 lasts until 30 weeks before the exam. During this time, 5 correct answers in a row are usually required to turn squares green on the Progress Chart. Phase 2 is between 30 and 15 weeks before the exam. 3 correct answers in a row are now required to turn squares green, as well as during phase 3. During phases 1 and 2, green squares on the Progress Chart turn blue every two weeks. Phase 3 is between 15 and 9 weeks before the exam. During this time green squares turn blue every week, so mastery can be achieved in 5 weeks rather than 10. Phase 4 is entered 9 weeks before the exam. At this point the Progress Chart is reset (the old one can still be viewed). Two correct answers in a row are required to turn a square green, with mastery being achieved by giving a further correct answer one week later. If the student manages to turn all the squares green (with mastery achieved or not) the Progress Chart is again reset and this process starts again. If any questions were answered incorrectly in the previous round then the student's weekly targets will initially focus on these.

Note that regardless of the student's Progress Chart and weekly targets, all of the videos and accompanying questions are available at any time. However, the Progress Chart and targets provide focus for the student, enable the student to work on material that is the most useful to them, and work in a way that provides permanent, secure learning. Each week the student is given a 1 to 5 star "website usage rating", along with advice where necessary about how to make more effective use of the website.

My aim is for everything the student needs to be on the website. Students should find the explanations in the videos clear and straightforward to understand. A full worked solution is provided whenever the student gives an incorrect answer, and they should always study this to see where they went wrong. However, if there is something the student does not understand which they are unable to find the answer to on the website they can contact me via live chat. Each message they send costs 75p and credits are bought in advance, up to a maximum of five. Chat conversations are separate for each user.

All subscriptions last for three months. Once a subscription has two weeks left, a button will appear on the users' main page to enable renewal. All progress data is retained for 12 months after the subscription has expired and can still be accessed. Chat credits also can still be used.

There are currently 20 videos and dynamic questions on the website. More will continue to be added until every GCSE topic has been comprehensively covered. I expect this to require about 300 videos altogether and to take until December 2020 to complete. The subscription price will rise as more videos are added. However, this website will provide high quality mathematics tuition for everyone who uses it, for a fraction of the cost of regular tutoring. I hope that many students will benefit and will gain an improvement in their GCSE Maths grade as a result of using my website.