- Math tutoring and support from an experienced Math teacher

 - Use as much or as little as you want

 - Much cheaper than standard tutoring yet just as effective and more convenient

 - Available 7 days a week

 - Access hundreds of revision worksheets as well as worked solutions

Richard Jones

I am an experienced Math teacher in England. I have created this website to provide a platform for private Math tuition. It is aimed at students studying GCSE Math (ages 14 - 16). Although I am based in England, I would very much welcome students in America. Please note however that I can only offer phone calls to students in England. All prices on this website are in pounds. The "online questions" area of the website is free to use.

   £12 start-up fee gives you:

- Access to your personal area of this website

- 455 revision sheets, arranged broadly in order of difficulty and 11 individual topic sheets which you can

   download and keep

- 75 "Feedback" sheets, providing worked solutions to some of the questions on the revision sheets

- Ability to submit questions, areas of difficulty, problems you want me to go through, topics you want me     to explain, work you have done etc. which I will answer when you request a video

- 1 video

- Access to live chat to discuss anything you do not understand in any of your last seven videos, for advice

   on what to study next or to ask me to set work for you

   When you are ready you then request a video. This costs £5 and gives you:

- A 12-minute video, created specifically for you, in which I go through the topics, questions, areas of

   difficulty etc. that you have given me

- Notes covering the key points and examples from the video, which are added to your own set of custom       revision notes when you request your next video

- 12 specific questions for you to do, based on the video. You can request feedback from me on any of your

   individual answers if you get them wrong.

- An optional 7-minute phone call to discuss with me anything you do not understand in the video

- Your last seven videos are kept in your area of the website. You should watch the videos more than

   once to reinforce what you have learned. Imagine being able to listen to a tutor's explanations again

   without having to pay for their time!